Holiday Week 1 ( 18th – 21st April )

Holiday Week 2 ( 24th – 27th April)  

Choose Single Day or Full 4 Day Programme. (9am – 5pm)


Venue: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Karori


 $120 for a full day, 4-Day Programme $465  –  9-5pm each day

  • T-Shirts, Workbooks & Certificate-Of-Completion For Full Week Students
  • Sibling discount available


College students who are interested in programming and becoming the wizards of the future by learning more about computers, coding, agile methodologies and how to create their own software.


We have a curriculum that is engaging and challenging. We avoid sitting on the computer all day, it’s a mix of screen time, social engagement, stand-up meetings and collaboration. 

Students create their own app in Android, Swift or JavaScript for the first two days and then split into teams of four to create a group app for the remaining days. We have a 1:8 teacher/student ratio – Tutors are: Peter Duncan & Vinesh Patel + 3rd year computer science students.

All Students: Bring your own laptop we will help you set up your environment for ongoing development so you can continue along your own path. 

NOTE: If required we will supply a computer (small extra cost for single-day students ($16.50 per day)

Students are to supply their own lunch. We’ll supply the water & activities.

Students will be introduced to their streams and a tailored programme based on preference over the course of the week. Students have the choice of crossing over to different streams to explore & mix things up, with planned rotation schedules.


Students will learn:

  • Beginner to intermediate level programming and software engineering concepts
  • How to create an program in Andriod, Swift or JavaScript
  • 21st Century Skills: Creativity, Computational thinking, Design, Problem-solving, Collaborative, Agile/Scrum Team-work & exposure to a whole new world of possibilities to design their path with code
  • Advanced: Introduction to advanced level programming, code management and  refactoring 

Take Home:

What do you get to take home? 

  • If you choose JavaScript you will take home a USB drive with your coded game and be able to run it anywhere!
  • For Swift you will obtain some really great skills and be one step closer to becoming an iOS developer!
  • With Android, take home your app with a new phone! Show your creation to your friends and family!


Enrol Now!


SIBLINGSLOVE: Siblings Discount – Enroll siblings together to receive $14 off each child’s fee (For 2 days or more)

 Email: bookings@codecamp.co.nz or Call: Peter or Rebecca on 04 470 7880

A Typical Day

8.30am – 8.45am: Early check in for special requests

9.15am: Meet & greet for morning announcements, ice breakers & team building activities.

9.30am: Split into course groups and stand-up meetings. Grab laptops. Develop!

10.30am: Break – Check-in & Indoor & Outdoor Activities

12.30pm: Lunchtime

1pm: Back to labs, reflect, learn collaborate and develop

3pm: Break – Check-in & Indoor & Outdoor Activities

5pm: Daily retrospective and project wrapup. Pick up

Thursday Final Project Day 2.30pm: Present Projects & Prototypes

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