Why Should Kids Learn To Code?

One Word – “Empowerment”




Coding is problem solving & creativity unleashed!


Kids can benefit immensely by learning to code and it can be applied in far more fields than simply computer science, just going through the process of learning to code will build their confidence, creativity and initiative and take it from me as a person who always struggled with maths, coding isn’t as hard as people think it is and it’s easy to catch the bug, in fact it’s a lot like playing with Lego!

Coding allows kids to discover collaboration a vital communication skill, problem solving, thinking logically and encourages creativity and provides the tools to create a world of limitless possibilities to build their own paths and solutions in their own way. Overall, coding is a very empowering skill.


Just like art and craft is a way to express creativity, coding can be a highly engaging, fun and empowering skill for kids today. Platforms like Scratch teach kids how to code in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they are stuck learning something they don’t want to. They start out by playing games and interacting with objects, and if the child doesn’t like a particular aspect of the game, they can modify it to their preference by rewriting the code. They are also able to find games or apps that other kids have modified, and they can add their own spice to them if they want to.

The dawn of IoT (Internet of Things) is upon us now and has opened a raft of opportunities for young kids to create and solve problems. We are going to see everyday objects become connected to the internet, sensing and sharing data. It’s important that kids understand and learn how this is going to effect the way they live. Coding is the language needed to understand this new world!

Finding a toolset that allows kids to utilise what we know to be their most amazing skill – virtually limitless imagination, is one of the best aspects of helping them learn coding.


Robotics & Coding


 Robotic coding ignites curiosity and confidence while providing fun ways of learning

the essential skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, and digital literacy.



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We teach children the benefits of enjoying the process

rather than the outcome.

“If you enjoy the process it takes the pressure off the outcome, the outcome is just the bonus”