An Introductory Start-Up Course For Teens

It’s all very well having an idea that solves a problem, but how do you get the idea off the ground?

This course is designed for passionate young tech teens & Uni students as an introduction & overview on how to bootstrap a startup!


Kids have great ideas that solve real world problems and now have the tools to build them through low cost software & hardware. Most ideas don’t need investment to get them rolling, they only need your craft, know-how, drive and support.start_up_for_kids

To bootstrap a business in today’s tech environment you only need a prototype and/or wireframes to articulate your solution and 10-20 beta testers.

The risk of starting up a new business has been diminished by replacing office leases and advertising budgets with a hosting account, a computer and a smart phone. The only risk is growing the business and for that you bring in support and mentoring.



Start Up Success

Our Start Up & Growth Hacking Course is designed to introduce teenagers & Uni students to the concepts of what it takes to get their idea to market. Have them realise they can get customers to start paying them right off the bat (Beta Pre-Sales) to help develop the solution for them.

“Solving a problem is as simple as designing a prototype/wireframes and asking critical questions to a target audience.”

It’s done through a process of principals & disciplines:

  1. Idea Generation & Extraction – An intro to idea generation, wire-framing & prototyping
  2. Risk & Skill Assessment, Market Research
  3. Pitching Your Solution To Stakeholders
  4. Lean Start Up Principal & Bootstrapping
  5. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  6. Beta Testing, Feedback Loop & Iteration
  7. Agile Development
  8. Thinking like a media company
  9. Brand Design & Development – Starts at the concept stage



Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is the component designed to grow your market after the beta phase.

We teach students to think like media companies. Students have access to all of the technology that media companies do at very low cost.  Growth Hacking a start up can be done with a computer and a smart phone.

We cover:

  1. Intro to Digital Smarketing – Sales & Marketing
  2. Creating personas
  3. Designing & optimising your customer life-cycle
  4. Setting up your hub (Your website – front & backend)
  5. Creating your media mix & channels
  6. Content Creation – Creating educational & meaningful content for those channels through a ‘teaching sells’ concept.
  7. Customer Development – Building & Managing your audience
  8. Setting up a digital sales funnel & marketing automation
  9. Search Optimisation
  10. Conversion Optimisation
  11. Strategic Partnerships, Networking & Support
  12. Building your (BNS) business nervous system ( Designing Internal Systems & Processes)
  13. Finances & Operating Metrics ( Monitoring the pulse of your BNS )


We’ll be inviting successful tech start-up entrepreneurs to help support our cause to enable kids to problem solve, create & believe they can build anything they want.

Watch This Space!

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