Introduction to Tello Drone Programming

This course will introduce students to fundamental programming concepts and demonstrate autonomous flight with Tello. After completing this course you will have a basic understanding of block programming and the capabilities of Tello. You can then proceed to our more advanced Tello Drone Python course which demonstrate the powerful capabilities of GPS-based drones and real world applications. Scroll down to see the list of lessons in this course and enroll.

An Overview of Tello and DroneBlocks

  • Hello Tello
  • A Box Mission
  • Loop and Flip
  • Variables For The Win
  • Adding Logic With If/Else Statement
  • Land in Your Hand



Learn How To Program Tello Using Python

Lean how to program Tello using Python. This video course goes beyond Drone Blocks programming and introduces students to more advanced programming concepts using the Python programming language.

In this course you will learn how to set up your Python programming environment and communicate with Tello using UDP, the User Datagram Protocol. This is similar to how DroneBlocks sends commands to Tello, and we’ll get under the hood to understand how UDP works.

We recommend having a basic understanding of programming concepts before signing up for this course. It’s a good idea to cover the lessons in the Introduction to Tello Drone Programmingcourse so you become familiar with programming concepts and Tello’s capabilities.

The lessons in this video course include:

Lesson 1: Setting up your Python programming environment with Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook

Lesson 2: An intro to UDP, Packet Sender, and sending a basic UDP message

Lesson 3: Send and receive UDP packets to and from Tello

Lesson 4: Program Tello to fly a box mission with Python code

Lesson 5: Write custom spin and bounce functions to give Tello new flight behavior

Lesson 6: Send keyboard commands to Tello and tap into the software development kit (SDK)

Lesson 7: Convert imperial units to metric and fly Tello in a star patten

Lesson 8: Add retry logic for more robust Tello missions

Lesson 9: Bonus lesson – Control Tello with Raspberry Pi and Python