Our Curriculum


Our after school curriculum covers a school term,

 1+ hour session each week, after school and Saturdays.


We cater to all different types of students with a mix of:

1. Visual Programming | 2. Electronic Building Blocks | 3. Robotics 


1. Visual Programming



IMG_2118 (1)

2. Electronic Building Blocks




3. Robotics






The curriculum is a mix of exploratory and guided computer time & creative object play time.

We encourage design & creative invention time through our mix of fun tools we have sourced from around the world. We have a self learning environment and allow students to gravitate toward their own style and preference.

We start students learning visual programming and then move into physical objects, using robots & electronic building blocks.

Our curriculum is designed around STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) for kids to problem solve, collaborate on different types of projects and build confidence.

Our mix has been designed to cover all different types of students: Those who find it easier to concentrate and those who like to do lots of stuff.

We also make it attractive for girls to enjoy lots of cool engaging projects. We need more girls to become engineers, coders and inventors!


We are updating our curriculum, check back soon!

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