Hacker Streams


Ages: 11+ Recommended for Advanced Block based coders.

Students can choose to build mobile apps with advanced block-based coding or learn advanced text based coding concepts.

1. MIT App Inventor

App Inventor is an advanced block-based platform allowing students to build mobile applications, which can uploaded to the Google Play Store. Students can also export their code to be downloaded onto any Android device. We have had a number of students who have built real-world applications and games with App Inventor.


2. HTML, CSS & Javascript

This is the perfect introduction to text-base coding for students who are wanting to build their own websites & games. We also introduce students to the scripting language called Javascript. Here are a few samples of what our students have created.






3. Python

Python is a popular object oriented language, which is popular among kids for it’s simplicity and is a great language to start text-based coding. Students will learn advanced concepts and build their own games.


4. Swift

Swift is Apples language and is a typical Apple product, which is very intuitive and has great graphics, keeping students engaged in fun, while learning advanced concepts, such conditional logic, operators, functions etc