We have different levels and badges, which students progress through. Each level & language stream has 3 Hat stages, progressing from Black Hat to White Hat. Click on each badge for more information.

Our Levels & Streams

Choose a course that suits your skill level!

1.  Ninja

Ages: 7 – 11 Recommended for beginner and advanced block-based coders.  

We use a mix of Scratch, Tynker & Other block-based platforms.

We have a junior & advanced Ninja streams.

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2. Hacker 

Ages: 11+ Recommended for Advanced Block-based coders.

Students can choose a stream to learn HTML/CSS, Python or Javascript

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3. Developer

Ages: 11+ Recommended for Advanced text-based coders only.

Students learn more in-depth and specialised languages and frameworks, such SQL, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS allowing students to build real-world applications and add to their portfolio of projects. Students must have completed the Ninja & Hacker levels to advance into the Full Stack Course