An Introductory Start-Up Course

For The Young Entrepreneur 

Designed for passionate young tech students as a kickstart to bootstrapping a startup with 21st Century Skills!

We have two seperate camps for College students & Primary & Intermediate School students

Entrepreneurship Education teaches students an array of different skillsets like problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, design skills, negotiating, marketing, resilience, financial responsibility, systems & process thinking just to name a few.


Kids have great ideas that solve real world problems and they now have low-code, low-cost tech tools to put together solutions. Most ideas don’t need investment to get them rolling, they only need passion, know-how, drive and support.

To bootstrap a business in today’s tech environment you only need a team, a prototype and existing frameworks provide a solution to a problem and 10-20 beta testers.

The risk of starting up a new business has been diminished by replacing office leases and advertising budgets with a hosting account, a computer and a smart phone. The only risk is growing the business … and for that, you bring in support and mentoring.


Our North Island Primary & Secondary School Finalists visiting the Xero Offices to receive their awards for providing a solution to solving a community problem. We focussed on mental health & our predator free target.  


Entrepreneurship & Start Up Success Course



Primary & Intermediate School Students 
Will spend four full action-packed fun days learning all about business and what it takes to get an idea off the ground.

Students have fun brainstorming real-world ideas, validating by talking to consumers, refining and building their solutions to pitch to stakeholders at the end of the week.




College Students
Will spend 2 Days on this course & progress into the Growth Hacking Module ( see below ) for a further 3 Days.

Our Start Up & Growth Hacking Course is designed to introduce college students to the concepts of what it takes to generate an idea that solves a real world problem and get it to market. Have them realise they can get customers to start paying them right off the bat (Beta Pre-Sales) to help develop the solution for them.


… and is implemented through a process of principals & disciplines in which we teach our students throughout the week :

  1. Introduction to business, professionalism & entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Team work & Collaboration
  3. Idea Generation & Extraction – An intro to idea generation, wire-framing & prototyping
  4. Prototyping with low-code or advanced code apps, electronics & 3D Design software
  5. Risk & Skill Assessment, Market Research, Budgeting.
  6. Lean Start Up Principal & Bootstrapping
  7. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  8. Beta Testing, Feedback Loop & Iteration, Usability Testing
  9. Agile/Scrum Development
  10. Thinking like a media company – Intro to WordPress & Video Creation
  11. Brand Design & Development – Starts at the concept stage
  12. Pitching Your Solution To Stakeholders



Growth Hacking Course

College Students will spend a further 3 Days on this course.

Growth Hacking is the component designed to grow your market after the beta phase.

We teach students to think like media companies. Students have access to all of the technology that media companies do at very low cost.  Growth Hacking a start up can be done with a computer and a smart phone.

We cover:

  1. Intro to Digital Smarketing ( Sales & Marketing ) & Persuasive Writing.
  2. Creating personas
  3. Designing & optimising your customer life-cycle
  4. Setting up your hub (Your website – front & backend ) Learn WordPress & HTML/CSS
  5. Creating your media mix & channels
  6. Content Creation – Creating educational & meaningful content for those channels through a ‘teaching sells’ concept.
  7. Customer Development – Building & Managing your audience
  8. Setting up a digital sales funnel & marketing automation
  9. Search Optimisation ( SEO ) & Social Media Marketing
  10. Conversion Optimisation
  11. Strategic Partnerships, Networking & Support
  12. Building your (BNS) business nervous system ( Designing Internal Systems & Processes)
  13. Finances & Operating Metrics ( Monitoring the pulse of your BNS )


We’ll be inviting successful tech start-up entrepreneurs to help support our cause to enable kids to problem solve, create & believe they can build anything they want.

Our students range from 7-17 and we put you in your own age group. Yrs 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-13



What Time: 

Primary/Intermediate Students – 9am – 3pm (special request for early & late pickup)

College Students – 9am – 5pm 


Students must bring their own computers & mobile phones ( Phones not compulsory )

Instructors & Coaches

We have an instructor/coach to student ratio of 1:8


Primary & Intermediate School Students 4 Day Course – $395


College Students 5 Day Course – $599


Normal Price After the 30th: $599


Limited Spots Available



Wellington: BizDojo Wellington Central & The Settlement Petone & Porirua

Auckland: BizDojo Parnell & Takapuna


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