Crash Course for Those Considering

Computer Science or Engineering

  • Unsure about what to expect from University?
  • Want an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a current University student?
  • Want to learn the fundamentals necessary to get through your first year?
  • Want to meet friends who you can team up with during your university career, giving you a head-start on other students?
This course will answer all of the above question!

Our Course and Concepts

The first three days will be split into learning each of the fundamental languages required for web development, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
During these days, we will break down the fundamental concepts by either modifying existing web pages/projects (in css for example) or building from nothing. The fourth day will aim to bring together all the elements for a final project/group project (where each member would be the leader of one of the languages i.e. the scrum master) and they would work to complete a web page for a “client” as a team.


What You’ll Be Doing

Day 1

Begin by setting up python on personal devices, once completed we will move straight into coding. The initial focuses will be on core fundamentals so will be easy to understand for complete beginners and there will be extension work for those who are more experienced. Once everyone s familiar with the work, we will begin on a series of tasks which are based on actual work that is done in university and has been redesigned to be achievable by all ability levels. By the end of this day students should be capable of writing small python programs and have a core understanding of the language, they will be ready to develop further and work towards making a game in day 2.

Day 2

Students will spend most of this day working on a simple game in small groups. The game can be extended for more able students with the introduction of AI and developing a GUI. Beginners will be more than capable of completing the basic game and will be able to push there skills further if needed.

Day 3

Students will now shift onto Java programming. With the fundamentals understood, the more complex syntax of Java should be easier to pick up and we will aim to repeat day 1 in this new language.

Day 4 

Students will be given a selection of pre-made games and challenged to re-purpose them by modifying and understanding pre-made code. Students will need these skills throughout their coding careers as understanding someone else’s code can sometimes be more complicated than starting from scratch yourself.

Day 5

The final day will be focused on having students in a real working environment! They’ll be taking a trip to a coding development office to get a feel for what they could be doing in the future.

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