Coding & Robotics

We get kids to learn coding through visual programming & playing with robots


Coding & robotics is a fun & engaging way to teach kids to become process thinkers and problem solvers.  They don’t have to be engineers or programmers, but the objective of this programme is to help them understand how easy & fun it is to solve problems and empower them to create things.  With child friendly graphical programmingiot-world, electronics and hardware it’s a great way for kids understand the world around them and how they can use these skills to develop a career path they can design themselves.

The IoT (Internet of Things) put simply is connecting any device to the internet to sense, collect and exchange data. These objects are anything & everything like coffee machines, mobile phones, home products, clothes … any object, hence the word Things!

It’s important to introduce yourself to IoT and how it works because this is going to be the world we live in very shortly and Robots & Coding is a great way to get started!



We teach children the benefits of enjoying the process

rather than the outcome.

“If you enjoy the process it takes the pressure off the outcome, the outcome is just the bonus”


Sphero SPRK+ & Ollie


We use Sphero for block based and text coding






We use mBot for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience of

programming, electronics, and robotics.






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